"We were founded in 2001 when I began collecting scraps of wood left over from various contracting projects and using them to create creative presentation platters. That was the first step towards A Cut Above. Soon I began laboring over more and more cutting boards, each one increasing in creativity and complexity.  Most of my boards now incorporate “repurposed / recycled” hardwoods as well as numerous exotic species. From there, my passion for woodworking spread to the rest of the family."



"I never thought that I would be spending so much time in a woodshop!  But I began to watch the amazing process of turning on a lathe and became inspired.   Pieces of wood left-over from the process of making boards are the basis for the bottle stoppers, knife handles, candle holders, and vases that I make.  I’m known for pulling pieces of  wood before they get burned in our woodstove to find the beauty in natural wood products.  I am constantly amazed by the way different woods look together and how I can create a curved and smooth object from a block of wood."



"Hi! I currently am studying and expanding my horizons at Vassar College, where I am exploring biology and earth science. I am fascinated by rocks and mushrooms, which my family can attest to because I am easily distracted when outside and am prone to spout random facts. I also occasionally dabble in woodworking and have been known to make wooden puzzles and pens.  I am also the go-to board oiler, applying several coats of mineral oil to the myriad of cutting boards my dad produces."



"I am a passionate maker, and have always enjoyed the creativity, utility, and beauty that wood provides. My fascination with this craft began in 2011 when I took an interest in turning wooden pens. Soon, I became more drawn to my father's wood shop as I learned of the endless possibilities that the space offered. I spent a good portion of my free time watching videos of other woodworkers, gaining new knowledge and building a reservoir of project ideas.

I now work as the Manager of the Georgetown University Maker Hub where I assist students, faculty, and staff with a variety of making projects. I've now expanded my making craft to 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing, embroidery, bookbinding, printmaking, and small electronics. However, woodworking will always be my first making passion. I also continue to help my parents with product photography and website management.