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Cutting Boards

A Cut Above's signature products are our presentation or cutting boards. Individually hand crafted, no two are exactly the same. Each board starts as strips of various hardwoods. The strips are then glued using a water proof, FDA approved glue. This new board is then re-cut and re-glue as many times as necessary to reach the desired pattern. When that pattern is reached the next phase in construction can begin: sanding. The boards are sanded up to 220 grit, water is used to raise the grain, and then they are sanded back to 220 grit. This process produces an incredibly smooth surface. The final step is to condition and finish the board with several coats of a mineral oil and beeswax mixture. The food safe finish brings out the natural colors of the wood as well as protects the board.

Woods such as hard maple, red oak, cherry, and American mahogany were the preferred woods in the early years. And although they are still some of our favorites, many other woods have been used. Woods used in past cutting boards include hard maple, red oak, white oak, American mahogany, African mahogany, English walnut, black cherry, white birch, padauk, red birch, Brazilian cherry, Burmese teak, zebrawood, bloodwood, supele, yellowheart, wenge, and purpleheart.

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