Other Woodcraft

From pens to bottle stoppers to puzzles, A Cut Above has a variety of fun woodworking items to choose from. For the most part, it is David, Rachel, and Laurie that create these smaller pieces, but Steve helps out now and then. In this gallery you'll find examples of unique projects, some of which have never been recreated! And while some items are produced more regularly for our craft fairs, some of these were just experiments. You will also notice that many of the pieces below are round and were done with the help of a small wood lathe. A change from the sharp-cornered nature of the the cutting boards, woodturning offers the ability to create rounded and cylindrical shapes.


In many of our turned pieces the focus has been put on the natural elegance of the wood grain. Wooden bowls, pens, bottle stoppers, and vases are invited to showcase the organic twists and turns found naturally in the timber. Our pieces are rarely stained, so any colors you see below are the natural color of the wood. All of the pieces have been carefully sanded, sometimes up to 1000 grit sand paper! The last step is to apply a finish to protect the wood as well as to bring out to beauty in the colors and grain.

Wine bottle holder | Assorted hardwoods

Cribbage Board | Assorted hardwoods

Bud Vase | Black cherry & other woods

Pizza cutter | Zebrawood

Wine bottle stoppers | Assorted hardwoods

Cheese knife | Maple burl

Cribbage board | Maple and walnut

Conversion magnet | Assorted hardwoods

Fountain pen | Assorted hardwoods

Compass rose | Assorted hardwoods

Pepper grinders | Assorted hardwoods

Cheese knife | Assorted hardwoods

Cribbage Board | Assorted hardwoods

Elephant puzzle | Cherry

Bud Vase | Maple burl & other woods

Wine bottle holder | Assorted hardwoods

Bud vase | Maple burl

Birds wall hanging | Poplar

Bud base | Assorted hardwoods

Matching bud vases | Purpleheart and bloodwood

Slimline pens | Assorted hardwoods

Pizza cutter | Assorted hardwoods

Dolphin puzzle | Poplar

Salad bowl | Red oak and mahogany

Salad bowl | Cherry

Fountain pen | Wenge, bloodwood, and maple

Cribbage boards | Assorted woods

Salt and pepper mills | Chessnut

Bud vases | Assorted hardwoods

Platter | Flaming maple

Matching bowls | Cherry burl

Dog puzzle | Poplar

Candle holder | Maple

Bud vase | Assorted woods and epoxy resin

Bottle stopper | Assorted hardwoods

Fountain pen | Teak, maple, and walnut

Spheres | Assorted woods

Bowl | Cherry burl

Cribbage board | Maple and walnut

Slimline pens | Assorted hardwoods